Our Mission

Prospect Park's
Free Theatre

Our mission is to foster strong emotional ties between the diverse communities of Brooklyn by providing opportunities for all to come together and experience free, outdoor contemporary productions of Molière's humanistic and timely comedies, in Brooklyn's Prospect Park.

Molière in the Park is an inclusive and antiracist theater organization.


Brooklyn's New Mainstay

We believe theater performed in public spaces and free for all has the power to lift spirits, create empathy and unite communities. Molière in the Park was born out of the desire to meet Brooklynites in their backyard where all will feel invited to take part, and benefit from thought provoking and entertaining theater.

Why Molière?

Molière is considered one of the world’s greatest French satirists and we aim to make his work a vital part of Brooklyn’s diverse cultural landscape. In style and content, Molière’s plays capture Brooklyn: funny, gritty, progressive, disruptive, and embracing of all types of people. Through the lens of his stories, we see ourselves and others as imperfect and intertwined humans. Much like Prospect Park’s unifying draw to Brooklynites, Molière’s plays unite us and point to our commonalities rather than our differences. Molière in the Park is a celebration of Brooklyn’s unique blend of diversity, innovation, and inclusion.​​​​​​​

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