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We believe provocative and high caliber theater performed in public spaces and available to all, has the power to unite communities. It affords everyone who wishes to participate, an opportunity to reflect, rejoice, see each other, and share. Moliere in the Park was born out of the desire to meet Brooklynites in their backyard and offer a space, within an already wonderfully rich park, where all would feel invited to take part.

Brooklyn's New Mainstay

Molière in the Park was created in Fall 2018 and is dedicated to bringing yearly, free, inclusive productions of Molière's masterpieces to The LeFrak Center at Lakeside, Prospect Park. Molière is considered one of the world’s greatest French satirists and we aim to make his work a vital part of Brooklyn’s diverse cultural landscape. Every year we will produce a contemporary production of one of his comedies translated into English and bring our community together, free of charge, to experience subversive and timeless theater under the stars.

Why Molière?

In style and content, Molière’s plays capture Brooklyn: funny, gritty, progressive, disruptive, and embracing of all types of people. Through the lens of his stories, we see ourselves and others as imperfect and intertwined humans. Much like Prospect Park’s unifying draw to Brooklynites, Molière’s plays unite us and point to our commonalities rather than our differences. Molière in the Park is a celebration of Brooklyn’s unique blend of diversity, innovation, and inclusion.​​​​​​​

"Brooklyn has a new theater company changing the cultural landscape forever! I had the honor of attending Molière in the Park's inaugural performance and had the most extraordinary time listening to the brilliant rhymes of this extraordinary French playwright which felt as if they were written today. Here’s to 100 more years of Molière In The Park!"

- Red Hook

"Molière in the Park is magical. Funny, wise, and as alive and vibrant as the Brooklyn landscape in which it was brought to life. Sitting in the LeFrak center on a Spring evening watching theater felt... right, as if this had been happening in Prospect Park for decades. I'm so grateful that our borough and its great park will finally have such a rich and unforgettable tradition."


- Bed-Stuy

"To see a free Molière play brought to life in Prospect Park was a beautiful thing. The cast featured people of mixed ethnicities, ages, and genders, and the audience was full of theater lovers as well as people who simply stopped by to see what it was all about. I love love love the idea of bringing this to Prospect Park and hope this will continue every summer!"

- Crown Heights

Want to help?

If you believe in the unifying power of theatre and want to help us present high-caliber productions to the public, free of charge, please consider donating!

If you can't afford to donate, but think you could help in another way, feel free to email us below!

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