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An essential component of a wellrounded education, exposure to theater teaches critical life skills that present a number of long term benefits.

In May 2022, to celebrate the anniversary of Molière's 400th birthday, we will be presenting a full-scale production of  THE MISANTHROPE. 

Please visit our page for exact dates and more information!

Please see below for TWO WAYS you and your students can engage with our work. 

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In-School Presentation

This May we will offer schools an opportunity to open your doors to our company of actors to perform our show for your students in your school building. This will be a paired down version of the show, which could be performed in an auditorium or a class room.

Immediately following the presentation, students will have an opportunity to engage in a dialogue led by the cast, members of the creative team, and teachers about the students’ experience of the work, its meaning and significance today, and the creative process.

A Visit to the Park


Interested in bringing a group of students to the Park to see one of our student matinees (Friday May 20 at 11am or Tuesday Mat 24 at 11am?)

We will be happy to welcome you.

Please be in touch with us!