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Designed by Thomas Ariniello

Inaugural Weekend

We celebrated our Inaugural Weekend of Events May 18-20, 2019, which included a fundraiser for 2020 and two free readings of The Misanthrope. Thank you to all those who came to witness our launch and supported us in our mission to bring free theatre to Brooklyn!

This program was made possible through the major support of The de Groot Foundation and Samira Wiley.

Generous support was provided by the Evelyn Sharp Foundation.

The Misanthrope

A society built upon a fragile foundation of up-front politeness and behind-the-back gossip is subjected to Alceste’s wrecking ball of bluntness and disdain for social norms. Ironically, Alceste is madly in love with Célimène, a skilled socialite who deftly navigates the shark-filled waters of polite society in her relentless goal for independence. Can such opposites ever hope to find common ground?


In a time of fake news, fake politicians, and the increasing normalization of hypocrisy, Molière’s classic comedy The Misanthrope is a refreshing, timely, biting satire with humor tailor-made for a contemporary Twitter account.

Photography by Lauren Silberman.