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Experiencing the arts brings joy, fosters empathy and promotes individual and social well-being. Join our movement and give thousands of people a chance to access these benefits!

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In 2022, 5,000 individuals reserved a ticket to see one of our shows. In 2023, that number went up to 7,000.

JOIN OUR MOVEMENT TO REACH 10,000 by helping us hit our 2024 benchmarks!

2024 benchmarks we must hit to reach our 10,000 reservation goal

1) Be in residence at LeFrak Center in Prospect Park for a whole month and offer a minimum of 21 free performances (associated costs $150,000 - amount to be raised through this campaign - $30,000)


Previous years have proven that sustained presence in the park greatly benefits our attendance, especially in a community where theater experiences are not commonly accessible. Walking by our stage, seeing our open theater, reading our signs, catching a glimpse of the show from the side on one day and then booking a free ticket to attend the next, returning the following week with friends…. Nothing is more effective to reach an increasing number of diverse audience members over time.


2) Begin a grassroots publicity campaign well before our opening night (associated costs $10,000 - amount to be raised through this campaign:  $10,000)


With your financial support we can create a comprehensive campaign to harness the efforts of ordinary people and partner organizations who, like us, believe in the community building power of accessing the arts. Much like a political grassroots movement, our campaign will start locally and grow organically, reaching deeper into all the different communities that make up Brooklyn. It will include putting up posters, handing out flyers, emailing and posting information on all social media networks.

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