Molière In The Park stands in solidarity with the women, men and groups who seek to fight all forms of racism, bigotry, police violence and discrimination of any sort. We feel that a more diverse, inclusive and non-violent world is a more beautiful world.


After the horrific events that have taken place in the United States in the past week and month, which have affected and pained us all, MIP wants to take a moment to affirm its dedication to a just, diverse and inclusive theatre community in Brooklyn, N.Y.C. and the United States.

If you want to TAKE ACTION, please find resources below. It is up to ALL of us to force the changes that we want to see happen into existence.


Black Lives do indeed Matter.


Garth Belcon

Co-Founding Producer

Molière In The Park


Lucie Tiberghien

Founding Artistic Director

Molière In The Park

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