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April 27 - May 19

In Prospect Park,

Across 21 performances, including an opening-night event that promises to dazzle and delight, this production is a not-to-be-missed outdoor and FREE theatrical event. Staged at the beautiful LeFrak Center at Lakeside, nestled in the heart of Brooklyn's Prospect Park, this is your chance to see Molière's most successful play, reimagined for today's world. 

A note from our Board President, Kaliswa Brewster...
What does a theater space where everyone feels welcome and at home look like?

We are thrilled to be able to bring our third free production to Brooklyn’s backyard, Prospect Park. This year, we are aiming to reach 7,000 individuals, for many of whom, experiencing theater will be a first. In this time of division and unrest, we believe that live theater can unite and heal.

Molière’s plays written in France 350 years ago may seem like unlikely vehicles to look at the social and political issues of our times but surprisingly, they always question, confront, provoke and demand that we pay attention. Rather than preach, they hold up a mirror and ask us to look, and laugh.  Brooklyn is a microcosm of The United States and of the global world, it is home to every type of person, from every culture and every background. MIP’s goal is to break through the silos and foster community across all of our micro groups. What does a theater space where everyone feels welcome and at home look like? We believe it looks like Molière in the Park- where people from all walks of life are sitting together shoulder to shoulder, breathing the same air, laughing and reflecting, together.

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